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  • Updated on: Jun 22, 2017

    Worker Delegations

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    Absence Calendar Support

  • Updated on: Apr 14, 2017

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Updated on: Apr 04, 2017

    Consolidated Test Runs

    The TEST RUNS screen displays high level information on your Smart Test Runs. More detailed information on the results of tests can be displayed by clicking on the test run name which will take the user to the Test Results screen (see the Viewing Test Results section).

    The TEST RUNS screen will initially display the most recent ten test runs available as per the users permissions. This section of the user guide will focus on the options available to you from this screen.

  • Updated on: Jan 03, 2017

    Introduction to Smart

    The objective of this document is to provide a reference user guide on the Kainos Smart™ tool (referred to as ‘Smart’ for the remainder of this document) to end users in a friendly format. This will involve walking through the features and functionality that Smart offers. Note that the features and functionality presented will depend on the security groups applied to the user e.g. Tester or Manager. The intended audience for this document is existing Smart customers.