Consolidated Test Runs

The TEST RUNS screen displays high level information on all of your individual Smart Test Runs. To assist in easier tracking of the history of Business Process, Security or Integrations Test Runs, a feature has been added that will roll up the initial execution and subsequent re-executions of a Test Run. This provides an easily readable, historical record of any given Test Run.

View Consolidated Test Runs

By selecting the view consolidated test runs option, Smart will change to the Consolidated Test Run view. This largely appears the same as the Test Run view, with a few exceptions:

  • Related Actions on Test Runs are not accessible on Consolidated Test Runs.
  • Filters are not currently available for Consolidated Test Runs.
  • Tags are not currently visible on Consolidated Test Runs.

These actions are moved into the Consolidated Test Runs themselves. Using the highlighted Security Test Run as an example, on clicking a Consolidated Test Run, users will see the following:

On this screen, users can see the following information:

  • Test Run name. This is the name given to the initial Test Run on creation.
  • Tenant selection option. Smart also tracks the tenants that the Test Run has been executed against. Changing the value (if available) in this dropdown list will change the list of Test Runs to only show those executed against the chosen tenant.
  • Latest result status. The latest result status reflects the status of the latest execution or re-execution.
  • Test execution details.

The name for each individual Test Run is changed to show the date and time of execution, however when clicking into the individual Test Runs you will still see the standard Test Results screen.

As mentioned before, while in viewing a Consolidated Test Run, users will have access to the Related Actions menu. From this, users have access to all of the regular actions available on a Test Run. For example, going into the latest execution highlighted above, it can be re-executed with the Retrieve latest baseline results option selected. Upon successful execution, the Consolidated Test Run will update to include the latest execution, as well as update the latest result status, seen below.