Smart Tenant - IP Whitelisting

IP Whitelisting

The Smart tenant supports IP Whitelisting. IP Whitelisting is used to block network traffic from hosts which do not originate from an address that appears on the IP Whitelist i.e. a trusted IP address or IP range.

It is recommended that customers configure IP whitelisting for all users on their Workday Tenant.

Viewing Whitelisted IPs

By selecting IP Whitelisting from the ADMIN menu , the Smart Security Administrator can view the current list of Whitelisted IP addresses in Smart. The Smart Security Administrator can also add new rules, as well as edit and delete existing rules from the tenant.

Adding a New IP Whitelist rule

To add a new rule, select the Create New button from the IP Whitelist screen. Enter a rule name, specify the rule (i.e. the IP address you wish to whitelist) and select if you would like the new rule to be enabled or disabled.

Note, if no IP Whitelist Rules exist in Smart, this means there are no restrictions on which IP addresses can access the Smart tenant (i.e. Smart can be accessed from any network location). However, if a rule is set up, then only users with that IP address will be able to access the Smart tenant; anyone else will be blocked unless they are permitted by an additional rule(s).  

Once the user has entered the IP Whitelisting Rule click Save. On clicking save the user will be warned that continuing with the IP configuration may mean the user can no longer access the Smart tenant, if the current address does not allow access according to the rule that has just been created. When the user is satisfied that the rule created is correct then click Yes to proceed.

The user will be returned to the main IP Whitelist page, displaying the newly added rule.