Test Run Execution

The TEST RUNS screen will initially display all of the visible test runs as per your user permissions. There are a number of options available to the user before you execute your test run.

Test Run Actions

Clicking the Related Actions "..." button beside the Test Run will present a list of the available actions that can be carried out against the Test Run. These actions change depending on the state of the test run. For further information on the Test Run screen and the States and Actions available, please refer to the Test Run States & Actions section of the user guide.

This section of the User Guide will focus on the Execute Related Action for New Test Runs.

Execute Test Run

After selecting to Execute the test, the user is prompted to select a Workday tenant to execute the Test Run; please see below. Any successfully configured Workday tenants will be available for selection.

At this point, the user will asked to specify whether to run the test Now or Later. Selecting Later will allow you to set a date and time to schedule the test to run.

Select the Confirm Execution button to Execute the Test Run now or schedule to run at a future date.

Execute Test Run

Test Status & Viewing Progress

Once the test has been executed, the user will be returned to the Test Runs screen which will display the status of the test. At this point the user can drill into the test run and view detailed information about the test itself. Click on the name of the test run to view the Test Run results page. This page shows the following information:

  • Test Run name
  • Test Run tags
  • The user who executed the Test Run
  • The status of the Test Run
  • The Start/End date and Duration
  • The tenant that the tests ran against
  • Progress, showing current amount tests remaining, in progress or completed.
  • Percentage complete
  • Results view, displaying the results of all test cases
  • The Previous test run (if the test run was re-executed)

In addition to providing a high level overview of the test status, you can drill further into the process view and observe, step-by-step, the progress of the test run as it is running.

Test Progress - Step View

By selecting the process name (in this example Hire) the user will be brought to the the Steps View of the test run. In this view the user can see a comprehensive list of each step in the Business Process that Smart is handling, in addition to the individual status of each step. Similar to the Test Run Execution screen, the process status list will update as Smart progresses with the test, as well as providing the user with a screenshot when a Warning or an Error occurs.

Warnings & Errors

In the event that Smart detects a problem during your test run, Smart has the ability handle these errors automatically and present the information to the user during the test run. There are two types of problem handling built into Smart while executing a test: Warning and Error:

  • Warning - An advisory warning occurs whenever Smart detects an issue with the test run that may not necessarily affect the progression of the test. An example of this would be if Smart is not able to find a value in a non-required field.
  • Error - An error occurs whenever Smart detects an issue that will prevent the test from progressing. These are often related to critical validations on the Workday tenant, for instance if your template does not have a value populated for a required field.

When either of these problems occur, where possible Smart will take a screenshot of the screen where the problem occurred (visible by clicking the provided thumbnail) and provide further detail to the user of the actual problem. The user can access this additional information by selecting the relevant status; a pop-up will then display to the user providing additional information. The image below provides an example for each type of problem that Smart may encounter:

Test Run Completion

On completion of the Test Run, the overall status will update on the Test Runs screen providing an overview of the test status to the user. In the case of the Hire test scenario provided below, the Test Run has completed with warnings. Previously mentioned, the warnings displayed in this instance are advisory and may not necessarily affect the progression of the test. By clicking on the test name, or the Set Results link, the user can view the results of the completed test and set the results status for the Test Run. For more in depth information on viewing results, please refer to the Viewing Test Results section of the user guide.