Introduction to Smart

The objective of this document is to provide a reference user guide on the Kainos Smart™ tool (referred to as ‘Smart’ for the remainder of this document) to end users in a friendly format. This will involve walking through the features and functionality that Smart offers. Note that the features and functionality presented will depend on the security groups applied to the user e.g. Tester or Manager. The intended audience for this document is existing Smart customers.

What is Smart?

Smart is a cloud-based, automated testing tool for Workday implementations specifically designed for the business user. This powerful and easy-to-use product encompasses HCM & Financials Business Processes, Integrations and Security. Smart makes testing Workday configurations faster, easier and less resource-intensive.

Interacting with your Workday tenant

Smart interacts with your Workday tenants in order to perform automated tests. Smart reads HCM business process definitions, integrations and security domains from your implementation tenant at run time in order to perform automated tests. This replaces the need for customers to write and maintain their own testing scripts. Smart has been built to be easily configured to each customer’s specific Workday implementation.