Payroll -Impact of Change Testing

SMART has a facility to check how Workday Configuration changes affect your Payroll Calculation.

To create this test:

Select Create a Test > Payroll


  • Give your test run a name
  • Give your test a tag
  • Select Parallel Period testing 

  • Enter a user login who has access to calculate the payroll
  • Select current period
  • Enter your Payroll Run Category Id
  • Select Existing Pay Group
  • Enter your Pay group WID

  • Select NEXT
  • Select the tenant to run the test in
  • Select Now
  • Wait until the test run has completed successfully. This is running a calculation of your payroll - this is the BASELINE Run.
  • Now make the configuration change(s) in the tenant
  • Re-execute the same test - the results will show you if SMART has detected any differences in your payroll calculation to your BASELINE Run.

 Ideally you want to do this when no-one is running any other test packs to the tenant or making other config changes in the tenant