When you first sign into Smart you will see the Results Summary Dashboard. This gives you an 'at a glance' overview of the results of the tests run. The tests are grouped by key functional areas so you can see how each area has performed. This is useful when determining which areas are failing and need your attention.  

Results Table

The main area on the dashboard is the Results Table. It provides a summary of the latest results in each functional area for the tenant, date and tags selected.

The test area lists the available functional areas that have been included in the testing.

The Results column shows the bar chart data visualisation per functional area. It displays results as a percentage which you can hover over to see the full details.

The remaining columns in the table show the number of test cases that are:

  • Failed
  • Passed
  • Blocked
  • Unspecified
  • In Total

 You can view the test runs that contributed to the results by expanding the functional area. Clicking on a test run will take you to the execution history for that test run where you can drill further into the details of the test.

Changing Dashboard Data

You can change the information shown in the table by clicking the 'Change summary range' link. In this pop over menu you can:

  • change the tenant
  • select a new date range
  • Select tags associated with test runs

Any tenants that have had test runs executed against them will appear for selection. You can choose a date range of anything between 1 day and 4 weeks to show on the dashboard.