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Payroll - Parallel Test - View test results

1. Test Run Screen

Once a Parallel Pack has finished running, the result stats can be viewed on the TR screen. Here , it indicated the number of passed and failed workers.

2. Inside a Test Run

When the TR is clicked on, more details of the TR can be viewed.

  • At the top of the screen, are quick stats of the TR – the workers that are passed, failed and could not tests.
  • Passed : Workers who had Pay results both in Legacy and WD, and the variance was within the permitted variance.
  • Failed: Workers who had pay results in both Legacy and WD, but the variance in pay was greater than the provided variance on the TR.
  • Could Not Test: These are the workers who were either not present in WD, or Legacy file, hence Smart could not compare them to be marked as Pass or Fail.
  • Each of the workers in the table can be clicked into, to view further details of the workers pay.

3. Worker Page

The worker page provides the details of the workers pay.

  • Test Case Details:
    • Test Case Result: This is either Passed, Failed Or Could Not test.
    • Allowed Variance : This is either Net or component level variance, and is shown in either % or Amount – as set while TR was created/executed.
    • Actual Net variance: This is the actual net variance as calculated by Smart after running the Parallel test.
    • Pay Summary: This table provides totals:  Gross, Net and Employer Deductions.
    • Pay Component Details: There are 3 tabs here, detailing Pay components as either Earnings, Deductions or Employer Deductions. Within each section, pay component code, split amount, amount and variance can be seen from Legacy and WD.