Payroll - Parallel Test run execution

Once a Test Run has been created for Parallel test, it can be executed. Before a test pack can be executed, following information must be provided in Smart.

  • Pay variance Level: This determines acceptable the pay variance level between legacy system and WD. This can be set to either at Pay Component Level or at Net variance level. Moreover, this can be set either as a percentage value or at Amount level.
  • Choose a tenant : To run a test in Smart, a WD tenant must first be provisioned. This will list all the provisioned tenants, and user should the tenant they wish to run the Parallel testing in.
  • When do you want the test to run? : Use this to select when the TR should be run. It can either be run now, or can be run later at the specified date and time.

Once all the above information is provided, the test run can be submitted by clicking on ‘Confirm Execution’.