Comparing Integration Events

Smart can test your Integrations by comparing the process and outputs of each. These Events could have been run in the same tenant or two different tenants. This facilitates testing and validating changes made to your Integrations on a week by week basis or simply a run to verify a quick change after the integration has been run.

Creating Event Comparison Test Runs

To create an Integration Event Comparison test run select CREATE A TEST > Integrations > Event Comparison menu option.

This will take you to Integration Comparison test run creation screen.

You will be asked to provide following details:

  • Comparison Test Run Name
  • Test Run Tag (optional)
  • Workday tenant with first Integration Event
  • Integration System name
  • First Integration Event for comparison
  • Workday tenant with second Integration Event
  • Second Integration Event for comparison

Selecting Integration System

When you select a Workday tenant Smart will provide a list of the Integration Systems for that tenant. 

Choose the Integration System to base your test on from the Select Integrations System dropdown.

Selecting First Integration Event

For the selected Integration System, Smart retrieves the list of Integration Events, which contain the Deliverable Output Files. List of the Events is ordered by execution date.

Choose the Integration Event to test from the Select Integration Event for comparison.

Selecting Second Integration Event

Second Integration Event is selected for the same Integration System.

You can choose it from the same or different Workday tenant.

When you have selected both Events you can execute the test using the RUN COMPARISON button.

Viewing Integration Event Comparison Test Runs Results

Once executed, users can start reviewing the comparison result. Clicking on one of these runs will take you to the Test Run Details page.

Test Run Details

You will see the following sections: 

  • Execution Details - provides test run execution details
  • Overall Results Summary - provides test run results summary
  • Test Cases - provides Integration execution and comparison details

Test Cases section provides comparison overview for the selected Integration Events. There are following columns available:

  • Test Case ID - Integration Event Comparison test case ID
  • Int System - name of the Integration System
  • First Event - providing information whether Deliverable Output Files have been successfully retrieved from the First Integration Event
  • Second Event - providing information whether Deliverable Output Files have been successfully retrieved from the Second Integration Event
  • Comparison Status - Integration Deliverable Output files comparison status 
  • Test Result - test case result

Smart sets Test Case Results for you based on the Comparison Status:

Comparison Status Test Case Result

Clicking the Test Case ID link will take you to the Test Case Details page.

Test Case Details

Test Case Details

This section contains the following information:

  • Result
  • Comparison Result
  • Test Case ID
  • Integration System - name of the Integration System
  • First Integration Event - name of the first Integration Event, with a link to background process in Workday tenant
  • Second Integration Event - name of the second Integration Event, with a link to background process in Workday tenant
  • Comment

You can change the test case result by clicking on the Change Result link.

Output File Comparison Results

The table lists the associated deliverable output files and their comparison information. The following columns are available:

  • First Integration Event Output File(s)
  • Second Workday tenant Output File(s)
  • Differences - number of differences between Integration Output files
  • Comparison Result - Integration Output files comparison result
  • Additional Info - link to Integration Output files comparison

Clicking the View Comparison link from here will take you to the Output File Comparison screen.

Integration Output File

This page provides summary information about the output file and the differences found.

Output File Details section:

  • Comparison Result
  • Integration System
  • Integration Output File

Output File Comparison section - displaying differences between two Integration Output files.

Smart only shows the differences found along with surrounding lines for context. Each difference shows: 

  • 10 lines above the difference
  • line containing difference
  • 10 lines below the difference

This is dependent on the number of differences and their location in the file.

In addition, Smart will display up to 20 lines containing differences. If this threshold is exceeded user will be advised to review the differences in the Workday tenant(s). If more are required, please discuss this with your support representative.