Smart - Release Notes v9.1.0

Kainos Smart Release V9.1.0

We are pleased to inform you that Smart V9.1.0 will be released on Friday 2nd / Saturday 3rd February.

The release is scheduled as follows:
EMEA: 07:00 GMT Saturday 3rd February
U.S.:    23:00 PST Friday 2nd February
APAC: 20:00 NZDT Saturday 3rd February

What's New?

New Features
Self Sustaining Security
Smart can now dynamically detect changes in your organizations during Security testing, allowing users to Accept or Dismiss these changes through the Smart UI.

To take advantage of this feature, a new template is available to download in Smart Security, which can be populated with the information in your existing templates. Your existing Security templates will not be affected by this new functionality.

End Contingent Worker Contract
The Local Termination Reason field is now supported in the End Contingent Worker Contract business process.

For more information on the above features and improvements, please see the New Features section in the Smart User Guide.

Workday 30 Preview Window
For week 1 (Saturday 3rd - Friday 9th February) we officially support Security and Integration testing. Business Process testing can be carried out, however issues encountered may not be resolved until week 2 onwards (Saturday 10th-).

Regression testing against your Sandbox environment can continue as normal.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Smart Customer Support team at please contact the Smart Customer Support team at: