Test Case Comments

Smart now allows users the ability to add comments to their test runs at a test case level. The comments can be used in a wide number of scenarios, whether it is to track expected changes in test cases, or to assist in test auditing procedures.

Adding Comments to Test Cases

Smart supports adding comments to test cases in HCM, Financials, Integrations and Security. To access the comment box, users must first drill into their chosen test case to the point where they can see the individual steps in a test (or the assertions, if the test case is a Security test).

On accessing this page, users will see an option similar to the highlighted image below:

Using the image above as a working example, Smart is reporting that the field Responsibility is required and must have a value. In this case, the user was not expecting this validation and would therefore like to check that this change is expected and that the new field is in fact required in this scenario. The comment field can assist in this by providing a place for users to store notes regarding these changes, as well as other abnormalities detected during testing.

If users of Smart have different responsibilities when it comes to their role in testing with Smart, the comment fields can also be used to keep a log of actions taken against test runs. For example, if a user needs to change the Result of a test run from Passed to Failed due to the test not executing through the expected path in a business process, they can use the comments fields to explain why changes were made.

For further information on the comment functionality, as well as recommendations for usage, please contact smartcustomersupport@kainos.com.