Smart Email Notifications

Users in Smart can now request that an email notification is sent upon the completion of a test run. An email will be sent for each test run executed by the user when the functionality is enabled.

Enabling Smart Email Notifications

Enabling as a User

Email notifications can be enabled in one of two different ways.

The first way is by the user themselves, from their User Identifier sub-menu.

Click the User Identifier -> Edit My Details option in the top right hand corner of the Smart UI.

This will present the user with their User Credentials page, where the option to enable Email notifications can be checked.

Upon clicking Save, email notifications will be enabled and will continue to be sent for each executed test run by the user, until the option is unchecked or the account is deleted/expired.

Enabling as a Security Administrator

If a user is unable to access their User credentials page, a Smart Security Administrator is able to change their email notification preferences via the the ADMIN -> Users page, then clicking the Edit option beside the required user.

Email Notification Example

The email users receive will contain some basic information about the executed test run. The following information will be sent:

  • Test Run Name - In both the email header and body.
  • Number of tests - Total number of tests executed.
  • Passed - Total number of passed tests.
  • Failed - Total number of failed tests.
  • Unspecified - Total number of tests returning an unspecified result.
  • Test Run URL - A link to the results page for the executed test run.

An example of the email received is shown below.

When users receive an email from a Security test run, the information differs slightly, replacing the Unspecified tests with those marked Could Not Test.