Worker Delegations

Within Workday, employees are able to delegate tasks out to fellow employees if they are unable to process the task themselves (e.g. they are currently on holiday, or otherwise unavailable). Smart supports this functionality and is able to process these delegated tasks.

Delegations in Smart

In Smart, users can choose to run tests either via the proxy option in their data templates (Run as Proxy set to 'Y') or by directly logging in as whatever workers are required to process a test from start to finish (Run as Proxy set to 'N'). Due to how delegations function in Workday, using the proxy option to process these is not viable. The solution to this in Smart is to use a combination of both proxying and directly logging in as employees.

Normally, when running a test with proxy switched on where it encounters a delegated task, the test would fail and Smart would present an error message. The error message informs users that a delegated task was encountered, and provides information on who the task was delegated to/delegated from.

With worker delegations enabled, when Smart encounters a delegated task, this message will instead be presented as a warning. The same level of information will be provided (e.g. delegated to/delegated from) however the test will no longer fail:

At the point where a delegated task is detected, the proxy option will be ignored and Smart will proceed to reset the password for the worker that is assigned the delegated task. Smart will then log in as this worker, process the task, log out and then pick up the remaining steps of the business process by proxying as workers. A more detailed overview of the procedure is available by clicking the optional Debug View tab in the test case view:

If Smart detects another delegated task further down the business process, it will carry out the same procedure.

As this functionality resets passwords for employee accounts, it is not switched on by default. To request that this functionality is enabled on your Smart tenant, please contact us at