Absence Calendar Support

Populating the Absence templates

With Workday 28, Workday now provide the option of having a combined Absence Calendar for entering Time Off or Leaves of Absence. If this functionality has been enabled in the Workday tenant, users will be required to use the new Enter/Request Absence templates. The information currently used in existing Request Leave of Absence/Request Time Off templates can be re-purposed into the new Absence templates. 

The  new Absence templates will allow users to test multiple Leave of Absence and Time Off scenarios in a single template. The Enter Absence template is used for Manager Self Service (MSS), with the Request Absence being used for Employee Self Service (ESS).

Within the template, the Date Range section will allow you to specify the From/To range within which to start and end the Leave/Time Off entry. Whether or not the scenario is treated as a Leave/Time Off entry will depend on the value populated in the Type field.

Once users have specified the date range (optional) and the Type, the relevant section of the template will need to be populated with the specific absence details. If Type has been populated with a time off type, populate the Request Time Off rows. If Type has been populated with a leave of absence type, populate the Request Leave rows.

To help with the maintenance of these Test Runs, it is recommended to use the Workday IDs (see the section on Using Integration IDs in Templates) to refer to values that are likely to change, such as Leave of Absence types or Time Off types.

Once completed the template can be uploaded to the Smart tenant as part of the Enter/Request Absence BP test. If a Workday tenant does not have the new Absence Calendar functionality enabled, the current Leave of Absence/Time Off templates are still available to use.

For any further information on Absence Calendar support, please contact us at smartcustomersupport@kainos.com

Correct Absence/Correct My Absence

Due to how the Absence Calendar functions in Workday, new templates have been created for the Correct Absence/Correct My Absence business processes.

These new templates will allow users to mass correct periods of absence, as well as correct individual days in a period.

The following is an example of a populated Correct Absence/Correct My Absence template:

The Correct Absence template (note the highlighted cell, indicating that this template is for a Manager Self Service (MSS) action) and Correct My Absence templates above are populated to meet two different scenarios.

In the Correct Absence template on the left, an employee (e.g. a Manager) is going to correct the absence of another employee (e.g. the Manager's employee). They have 5 days of absence, running from 06/12/2017 - 06/16/2017, which all need to be corrected from their original entered 7.5 hours, down to 5 hours. The date range covering the range that they wish to correct is entered in the Data Range fields (highlighted in green), alongside the leave type in the Type field (also highlighted). As the Manager is correcting every day en masse, the Select All row needs to be set to Y. An extra Type field is available if the type of Absence is to be changed. Finally the revised Quantity Per Day needs to be entered, and depending on your tenant configuration, a Reason and/or Comment may also need to be entered.

In the Correct My Absence template on the right, a slightly different scenario is covered. In this example an employee is going to correct their own absence. They have 5 days of leave, running from 06/12/2017 - 06/16/2017, however only 3 of these days, the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, need to have corrections made. The new Day To Correct fields allow these changes to be made. After entering the Date Range for the absence period, the Day To Correct fields correspond to the number of the date in the provided range. The following table shows how these numbers match:

For any further information on Correct Absence/Correct My Absence, please contact us at smartcustomersupport@kainos.com