Enhanced Processing: Restart Failed Automation

We have added enhancements to how the automation handles unexpected issues. 

Restart Failed Automation

Automation can sometimes come across network issues or page timeouts during test execution. This usually causes the test case to fail as the automation encounters something it is not expecting.

With Restart Failed automation, Smart will now restart the process from the current step. Smart will then attempt to complete the test without requiring user intervention.

If this occurs, on the Debug tab you will see the following:

If the issue occurs on the initiation step, Smart will cancel the last execution before restarting the test again.

Negative Testing

Negative tests are tests that you expect to stop or fail at a specific point. You must use one of the following notations in the Test Case ID or the Test Case expected result:

  • NEG
  • FAIL

The following examples show how notation can be used.

  • Test Case ID: ABSENCE.NEG.001 
  • Test Case Result: [NEG] Maternity Leave LOA CANNOT be selected for  this worker

Using these notations will prevent Smart from attempting to restart your negative tests.