Worker Benefits Baseline & Comparison

Smart now will test the benefit elections that are elected during Hire and Change Benefit Events. 

This allows you to set a baseline on benefit eligibility, auto-enrolment, rates and costs. On re-execution Smart will compare the baseline to the current test case benefit elections and confirm if there has been any changes to the benefit components.

This functionality will be enabled by default, giving you additional coverage without any changes to your test cases.

Worker Benefits Baseline & Comparison

Smart will retrieve the benefit plans elected for the worker on all Hire and Change Benefit test cases. Each test case will show details of the benefit plans including coverage and costs in the new Benefit Elections tab. 

Setting the test case result to 'Passed' will create the baseline for benefit elections. 

On re-execution Smart will retrieve the latest benefit elections and compare them against the baseline. The result of the comparison is shown on the test case details page.

For existing test cases Smart will retrieve the Benefit elections and store them as a baseline. This will ensure your test case results are not interrupted.

Results in detail

Any plans that have been added or removed between executions will be marked as such. The details section will be expanded so that you can review them easily.

Smart will also highlight any differences in the details of a plan.

If the change is not expected, you should review your Benefits configuration and test data to confirm what has changed. If there are updates required, these should be made and the test re-executed to confirm the changes made are correct and match the existing baseline.

For expected changes you can set the result to 'Passed'. This use the new Benefit election details as the baseline going forward. 

CSV Output

The comparison results are included in the CSV. There is a new section at the end of relevant test cases where you can review the differences.

The 'Output Comparison Result' will show the Benefit Comparison result. Added/Removed plans are shown in the 'Section Difference' column in a comma separated list. Differences in the detail of the plans is shown in the columns:

  • Field Difference - name of the field the difference occurs in
  • Previous - value of the baseline 
  • Current  - latest retrieved value 

There will be a new row for each field difference.