Parallel Business Process Step Execution

We have made some changes to how parallel steps are processed during test execution. 

Parallel Business Process Step Execution

What is a parallel business process step?

Within Workday you can choose the order that steps are triggered in a business process. If more than 1 business process step has the same order reference, for example 2 steps with the order set as 'b', these steps will be triggered at the same time in Workday.  The tasks will be sent to the relevant users at the same time so that they can be processed in parallel. 

How parallel business process step are executed on Smart?

As Smart can only proxy as one user at at time, it can only process steps sequentially.  To ensure the step order is consistent across executions, a priority order has been added to the automation.

The priority order is:

1. Automatic steps

2. Approval, To Do and Questionnaire steps etc. (Steps outside of Action, Report or Integration steps)

3. Separate BPs - e.g. Propose Compensation Change, Preferred Name Change

4. Report

5. Integration

Multiple steps within these priorities will be processed alphabetically.

This example shows a Hire's 'Onboarding' workflow steps sharing the same reference order.

Impact on existing tests

This update will not change tests already executed in Smart. A re-execution of existing test cases may result in a 'Non Match' test case comparison result.  This will be due to a change in step order based on the new automation priority.

Going forward, the new step order will remain the same unless there is a change made to the business process.