Payroll - Re-execution of Failed Workers

The Payroll module in Smart now provides the ability to re-execute failed workers rather than requiring a full re-execution on a test pack when there are workers in error or missing due to the Hire business process failing.


A Smart Payroll test pack will contain many workers.  If for some reason a worker fails due to a variance difference, for example a HCM business process failed to complete or a worker was failed to be hired successfully, Smart provides the ability to re-execute only these workers.  

For example, if there are 3 workers in a test pack:

  • Worker 1 fails due to a Request One Time Payment failing to complete as the worker is not eligible for the Payment Plan
  • Worker 2 is hired successfully and their Payroll results are the same as the previous execution
  • Worker 3 fails to be hired

Smart will provide the ability to re-execute the failed workers, therefore the full chain for Worker 1 and Worker 3 will be executed again in the new test run.  Worker 2 is simply "copied" across to this new test run.


The option to re-execute Failed workers is only available when:

  • Payroll test is a Future Period Test using a Synthetic Pay Group with Synthetic Workers
  • The tenant used for the previous execution is still available
  • All Payroll processes (Run Pay Calculation, Run Pay Complete etc) have completed successfully
  • There is at least one Worker with a status of "Failed" or "Blocked" or at least one worker that was failed to be hired or assigned to the Pay Group
  • The test run is not a full execution including all workers i.e. re-execution of failed workers is not allowed on a pack which is already an execution of failed workers.


When selecting the option to re-execute Failed Workers, Smart will re-execute the full chain of the worker, starting at the Create Position/Create Job Requisition and executing all processes for this worker including the Payroll Test Cases.

Payroll Tasks

When re-executing failed workers, Smart will create a new Synthetic Pay Group and assign the newly created worker(s) into this Pay Group.  The Payroll tasks, Run Pay Calculation, Run Pay Complete etc will be executed on this new Pay Group.

Viewing the Worker Results

The workers who were not part of the re-execution will be displayed in the test run but will be greyed out.  The processes that were not executed will also be greyed out.